Who is Captain Preston?

July 4, 1987 Busan, South Korea
Independence Day. Went to the Chosun Beach Hotel and ate an expensive small American breakfast then a Wendy's hamburger. It was fair. I met a young woman. I met Mr. Lee and Miss Cha. We chatted while I saw some rad videos*. I would be content almost to come home. I got a haircut. It should work. Seeing the Heaven 17 videos was the turning point in deciding to move the hair back. Also helpful was the movie on TV including Captain Preston. Mr. Shin bought me a fan. The weather is hot.

July 5
Vince called. He is cool but he seems much different. Tomorrow is payday.

July 6
Class and a nap. Payday. Take home was 850,000. Not much else.

July 7
Class and after it I met Mr. Moon and his class. Some radsters. I am privately digging one called "보경." She is only 18. But fair. Mr. Moon tried to shove us together but she wouldn't have it. Heaven 17 is rad. I opened up a savings account and paid for my stereo. Brian** called and said he will come. I hope all works out fine.

July 8
Today I learned "hoyden." Today a letter from Mom and Brian. Not much. I saw the second half of Platoon today. It is so intense. I am bored with my morning classes already but my last class is very talkative which is nice.

What I left unwritten:
*Near the Institute, I found a 다방 (the place was called "The Bistro," more on it later) that plays music videos on a huge TV. The place is practically empty in the afternoons when I have breaks from classes. The VJ has a sweet collection of videos that I really enjoy. Obviously Heaven 17 figures prominently in there. He lets me sit in the VJ booth and choose which ones to play. It is like my safe haven where I can sate my tastes for home.

**A friend from home who is planning to come work with me at KHI Institute. This process was set in motion before I left the states, but gained earnest momentum when Pat bailed.

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