And Then There Was One...

May 12, 1987 Pusan, South Korea

I came to work today to find out that the other whitey teaching here (Pat) couldn't hang. He bailed. Just never showed up for work today. Who knows where he is. Probably on a plane back to the States. Shin is freaking out, running around barking at people. All worked up.

It looks like I will have to pick up a couple of Pat's classes. But that means more cash in my pocket so it's cool. It also means the door is open for my buddy back home to come join me. Shin already has his transcript so hopefully it won't take too long before I am not alone here.

Being alone isn't so bad. Mostly I find that I use myself as the person to have my most meaningful English language conversations with.

Between classes today I wrote some Vitamin Z lyrics on the chalkboard in very tiny letters:

Up high in the sky I could not see the stormy weather
Rumors all around but my ears don't hear their sound
Uptown people sigh, the traffic flows to build confusion
Still the world goes by, just a fool to hear his cry...
Ooooh, is there something we can do?

At the end of class, a student went up and erased it.

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