Say Goodbye to Ornamentation

Busan, South Korea 1987

July 26
Yesterday to a party on base. At night to SeoMyeon alone. Today home all day and the weather looks like rain continued.

July 29
MTW all went by the same. A few crisises but they are almost all solved. I got a letter from Brian. He will be here in 20 days. Yesterday I got a few rays. This had better be a good weekend or I might die. I saw Miss Jang yesterday. She was smiling and all. I feel bad. I want to save money. I will try to save at least 500,000 each month. I will use this weekend to become content again.

July 30
More crisis situations and as of now the arbitrations are still proceeding. Tomorrow is Friday and time really flies.

August First
Yesterday after class we went to the casino and it was fun. Mr. Moon had luck but blew everything. Andy cranked 400,000 but lost probably most. I lost 90,000 of my own and 30 that Andy gave me. I was really unlucky. We stayed until after 5 a.m. So I slept 2 or 3 hours and then today wandered about aimlessly. Met some radsters from Seoul. They wanted me to go to the Downtown but I said no. Came home. I'm beat.

August 2
Out for some 보신탕. I feel a bit paranoid after what Mr. An said. Dinner. Home. I was forced to remove my ornamentation for fear of infection.


Matthew Smith said...


any insight? what crises? what ornamentation (the same from *WTF)? what did Mr. An say?

White Rice said...

Seriously I know what you mean. My best guess on ornamentation right now is that I had an ear pierced. No recollection of it though. Alone, far from home, listening to "New Wave" music...earring seems plausible.

No clue on the "crisises."

Probably typical hagwon dramarama.

And Mr. An? Don't even recall him, let alone what he might have said.
That is why this is so fun for me (and frustrating at the same time); some stuff comes in clear as a bell, other stuff is like it might as well have happened to somebody else.
When I have distinct memories about events I only touch lightly on in the journal, I'll write those up.
Thanks for reading and commenting!