That's Rad.

The other night, March Madness 2009 found me enjoying hoops and adult beverages with some friends. Honeybear came too.

At one point I made some comment and Ruben responded: "That's rad." Obviously he was taking the piss out of me, but it is obvious to anyone who reads White on Rice that I used the word "rad" more than its fair share back in the 80's.

I went back and counted. So far, in 34 posts, I have used a version of the word "rad" 22 times. But since I am being true to what I wrote in my journal back then, I imagine we'll see it many more times. It must've been the thing to say back then. One certainly doesn't hear it much these days. I know I don't use it as much, if ever.

I think I'll start using it again. After all, that would be the rad thing to do.


Matthew said...

I'm an 83er so we said "that's phat" and "that's dope" a lot. I'm pretty sure that my journal was heavy on the dope phatness, too.

shake them haters off! we love the "rad"

MKM said...

It's cool. Personally, I'm all about the "all about" and "cool", so, you know, I'm all over that generational idiomatic English and shit. No worries man - you keep rocking that lexicon!

Seriously though. The way language changes and evolves is a huge interest of mine and is part of the reason I love your blog. I may want to study you someday!

You game? Mayhaps?