Busan, South Korea

July 20, 1987
Class and nothing special. No one noticed my ornamentation*. Good. I got a haircut and slept. I was late for class and afterwards Chuck told me a story about his affair with a married woman. I was fascinated.

July 21
Class and 보신탕 then more class and dinner and 기태 called and he wants to come down this weekend.

July 22
Class and new student was Mr. Choi. He is an "avid golfer." 3 memberships. I was very jealous so I went to Sajik 골프장 but I was hitting terrible and was embarrassed. I left after acquiring a 6,000 "dollar" golf glove for nothing. I should pay for it but I was short at the time. I talked to Vince tonight. He is very cool.

July 23
On the verge of another Friday...Class and I called Miss Jeong to get my tapes. She was on her way to Seoul for a month. I barely caught her and got my tapes, Carrie went with her but she didn't even say a word to me. I think she is lame somewhat. I will try to tell 기태 to come next weekend if possible. I must go to KBS on Saturday.

July 24
Class and I jammed on class to go to the Paradise Beach Casino. It was a rush and I came out even. Mr. Heil lost 50,000 and Mr. Moon 20,000. Right now Mr. Heil owes me 30,000 but he might not pay it all back to me. At night to Bulkogi dinner. 기태 hasn't called or showed but I didn't go to the 역. Sometimes I don't even know.


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