Some Nuggets

Before we leave 1987 altogether, here are a few treasured nuggets from my journal at the time.

April 24, 1987
I didn't go to the hagwon this morning. I went to Seo-myeon. I got my shoes fixed and I bought a clock and some glasses* and the guy did a lousy job on the lenses. Went to the hagwon and met Mr. H. He is a tardy geek** and he was wasted but still we went to some tables and got more wasted. Two guys fought and got bloody and broke a bottle and glass went flying. Then we left and went to another table and Mr. Shin got tanked. Tomorrow I have to go shopping with him. I might buy a yo.

*My eyesight is fine. It was fine then, and it's fine now (knock on wood).
**My apologies to anyone offended by the insensitivity of that remark.

April 29, 1987
Yesterday to class in the morning and the night. Today none. I went to Lucky Shopping and bought some stuff. I am fairly bored and lonely. My classes start the day after tomorrow. Today was the Miss Pusan pageant but I didn't go.

May 4, 1987
Saturday it rained all day and so I went out late to NamPoDong. It is cool there but I felt stupid alone. Met a girl called Miss Joe. She is cool so we went to see Crocodile Dundee together and she bought dinner. I felt comfortable and we talked.

May 5, 1987
Buddha's B-day and Kid's Day. Miss Joe came and we stayed home all day. She is really rad.

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