Don't Pack the Mousse

1987 in Busan, South Korea

Friday November 6... Continued...
After my evening classes I returned to the apartment to start packing. Brian was fully packed and a bit antsy so I took a break from packing and we went to the club. We partied for a few hours before returning home to finish packing. Brian napped for a couple hours while I threw the remainder of my belongings in a large black expandable travel bag on wheels.

Having completed packing, we took a look around the apartment. Beds gone. Armoire gone. Stereo gone. Fridge empty. It would be quite obvious to the next person who entered the place that it had been abandoned. Our last childish act as we left was to empty a hair mousse canister into the kitchen sink building a small hill of fluffy whiteness. Odd.

Around 5 a.m. in the early morning darkness, we humped our heavy bags down four flights of stairs, and wheeled them out of the apartment complex. We both waved to the "security guard" at the entrance on our way past, and went down to the main street to hail a cab. It took two cabs to fit both of us and our bags, but eventually we met up at the station. We both probably slept the whole way anyway, so I honestly don't recall if we took a train or the bus. But all roads lead to Seoul anyway right?

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