An Awkward Transition

Hometown USA 1987

November 8 1987
I landed in LA without a plane ticket onward and in true Korean style, I went right up to the check-in counter and paid cash for a ticket on the next available flight home.

That left me nearly 2 months to decompress, chill out, and figure out what to do next with my life. I didn't work at all during this period. I hung out at my future brother-in-law's apartment. Generally, I lived the life of riley. I looked forward to the huge box that carried my stereo more than anything else. All the while I was burning through what little money I had left from Korea.

The obvious next step for me was to get back in school and try to get a degree.

January 1988
Here's what I wrote in my journal:
It's January 20-something. I haven't written since November last. If you can believe that. Came home from Korea and straight to Jeff's apartment. I hung out at Jeff''s for 1.5 months. Home for Christmas. I loved America and hated Korea and Koreans. Started school again. I don't mind so much but all my money is gone and it is hard to study. My family is cool. I have been reading. I don't know what I feel or think. I don't know what to do. The other day I was walking and from across the street I heard the sound of Korea Speaking. I saw 4 guys. I yelled: "Hey! Why aren't you speaking English? This is America." They muttered something so I said: "How do you expect to live in this country if you don't know English"? Now that I think about it I might have said more but I trust my point was made. I was pumped and shaking. I am way behind in school. I don't have a job. Brian is officially engaged. That didn't take long. He bought a ring. I miss him.


Amanda said...

Wait. I missed something. What happened to YOUR ring?

White Rice said...

Wow. Very impressive Amanda. I assume you are referring to my Golden Ring of Entitlement?


I actually went to a jeweler in Busan right before my "midnight run" and sold it for some quick cash.

Other rings? Brian got married in 1988 and I was the best man. Me? I didn't don the nuptial ring I wear now until 2002. There's many ways to skin a cat.

Amanda said...

Yep, the Entitlement ring was the ring I was referring to. A long time ago you said something would happen to it in November.

So...basically you ran because you were homesick?

White Rice said...

Great memory. I had intended to write that bit in, but forgot. Thanks for keeping me straight.

As for why I left, I am writing that up...Sure a splash of homesickness was in there. And more too...

Thanks for reading and commenting!