Architecture and Morality

1987 in Busan, South Korea

Friday November 6... Continued...
My plan was to go home after my morning classes and get all packed. Then I would finish my evening classes and head to Seoul with Brian. However, since I told Mr. Shin I didn't feel up to driving to Yangsan, his angel of a wife grew concerned I was ill. She told me she was bringing lunch over to the apartment right when I was planning to do the packing.

She and Mr. Shin showed up with a grand feast of some health-restoring beef stew thing and rice with many side dishes (and Kimchi). To their eyes everything must have appeared in order at the apartment. All of Brian's stuff was packed, but none of mine was. In my room was the giant closet (armoire) I had bought. My bed and headboard were intact with my lovely pink blanket thereon. My Lotte Pioneer stereo sat in my bedroom ready to play any tape I wanted to hear. Probably OMD's Architecture and Morality.

We all ate. The Shin's left. I went to the Institute to teach my evening classes. While I taught, the guy I bought the armoire and the bed from went to the apartment and picked them up. He paid me some fair amount for them since I had only used them for a couple months (he bought back Brian's bed too). Another dude went over and crated up my Lotte stereo in a big wooden box. Brian paid him for me and the guy took it and put it on a slow boat for the states.

(That is how I come to still have this stack. Maybe someone will buy it from me at our Yard Sale this weekend...)

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