New Digs

1987 in Busan, South Korea

September 30
We moved and we are settled.* Young-sook came over but she left early. I am convinced but... Soo-jin and Eun-sook came.** Eun-sook is rad. Our beds are here.*** I have been sick for several days. I talked to Miss Jang twice in one week. I want out.

*We moved into a new, larger apartment in a newer neighborhood. Mr. Shin took care of all the finances; lodging being part of the compensation package. It seems like the neighborhood was 구서동 or 수서동 or something. I remember that taxi drivers never knew it by name (coulda been my pronunciation).

**I have no recollection of these young ladies. Rad or not.

***Brian and I bought beds. After 5 months on the floor, I figured it was time to take care of #1. It was a nice piece of furniture with a full headboard with book shelves (I read The Last Phase of the East Asian World Order in that bed) and drawers for added storage. It had a firm queen size mattress. A perfect complement to my wellness shortcut.

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