Boss and Box?

1987 in Busan, South Korea

September 4
Class and all. Yangsan. At night I met Young-sook. She is so rad to me. She will come over tomorrow.

September 5
My closets came. We re-arranged. Went to Spa. I bought some pants and went to the Casino and lost 30,000 won. Came home and Young-sook came over and she is so boss and box. I have 7 digits in my bank account. I'm a Won Millionaire. OK.

September 13
Sunday. Much has happened. Young-sook is always near me. The other day before her day off she dragged me off to a 여관. We spent the night there together. She is so rad. I can't help but feel that I am lucky to keep her attention for so long. I am spending too much money on useless things. Like the Casino for example...Carrie called long time 만에. She works at a company in Yangsan. Brian and I stayed in all day.

September 16.
Class and nothing special. Young-sook came over and she was bored and I fear lest I am losing her. Everyday to Yangsan and I have too much free time. Nothing happens.

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