Cherry Blossom Tribute

May 6, 2009
Hometown USA

Sadly, I am not in Korea this spring so I cannot post a series of Cherry Blossom photos like so many others have done. Instead I have decided to post my own blossom photos from my property as a form of tribute. I hope you relish them as much as I.

Unplanned bloom against a cloudy sky, dappled by Autumn Blaze Maple:Unplanned bloom framed by Foerster Feather Reed Grass
Sango Kaku: a form of Japanese maple with bright red bark and green leaves that yellow in Fall. Expensive but attractive. Same as my college girlfriend. 3 Tulips Potential Tulips Unwanted visitors (thanks to the neighbor):
Lilacs in bloom. This tree was included when we bought the house.
Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Aunty gave us $30 when my dad died. I bought this tree with that money.
Stella D'oro Day Lily. It will bloom one day...Look how pretty. Anyone know what this tree is?
A closer look:
Honey bee doing work. Packing a load of pollen. That is a Prairie Fire Crab Apple tree. Lovely blooms. Lovely tree. The added bonus is the persistent crabs. (That means the fruit never falls off; no mess on the ground.)
Last but not least, my 무궁화:
Close-up shot of the buds. Feel free to get metaphorical.

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MKM said...

Gorgeous, thanks!