I Am Beat

1987 in Busan, South Korea

August 15
The 13th flew and yesterday I went to 송정 with some students. I burnt to a crisp all over. We swam and played. It was fun. After that I killed them in table tennis. Then to 쉼표. I am a strange man. I wanted to go there only to see if Ok-Jeong was there but I didn't want to go alone so I offered to buy the students a drink. How stupid. Anyway, she was there with Young-Sook. I had a brief word. I came home. Today another picnic and I was beat. We climbed high and came down. It was fun but I am beat. Johnson called. He and Mark might come but I doubt it. Did I write before that I doubted it?

August 16
Sunday. Home all day.

August 20
Time flew. Wednesday 5 a.m. Brian ding dong at my door and came in. That night I saw Young-Sook and we walked home together and decided to meet tonight and we had dinner and she was so sexy. She had jeans on and she is really sexy. I was amazed. I want to go around with her. She has no time. Today I received my 250 dollars for teaching a student at Nam-Cheon Dong. I am excited.

August 21
Class. To the Casino. I came out with 10,000 (Won) extra and taxi money. It was fun.

August 23
Yesterday to the picnic. Miss Kim didn't come. I was crushed. It was dead. She called me at Love's Gleaning. I love her. We went to Xanadu. It was dead. Miss Jeong is hammered. I went and lost 20,000 at the Casino. I was beat.

August 25
Two days of classes and it was dead. I want to die. I wanted to die. Young-Sook doesn't love me and I am crushed. I wanted to die.


Matthew said...

so dramatic this young man is...

how old are we talking at this point? 20? 21? I didn't realize that the casino scene was popular back then, either.

White Rice said...

Dramatic. Yes, that is fair. Hard for me to actually transcribe and include some of that stuff, but it is who I was I guess. My age? I am a 뱀띠.
The casino (newly opened back then maybe?) was a decent hang out. Only foreigners were allowed in, so it was generally very empty. Just me and a handful of Japanese. One had the place pretty much to onself and was made to feel like a VIP. Plus they offered free food and drink, not just free cocktails for players like most US-based casinos. One could get a free club sandwich and a dish of ice cream along with a variety of beers, cocktails, and soft drinks.
Once, I was sitting blackjack and a whitey from eastern USA asked the Korean gal server for a glass of orange juice. His eastern USA-pronunciation of orange (something like "arnge juice") really confused the poor girl. She was embarrassed and confused. Finally I couldn't resist and I blurted "orenji jyoosuh." That did the trick.

Matthew said...

you're better than me. I don't think I could stomach transcribing a journal. I mean, I'm embarrassed of stuff I wrote just last week - let alone in the 80s.

either way, keep the great stuff up!

- a dedicated 해 -