Busan, South Korea

August 4, 1987
Andy was unhealthy and the 학원 seems a shambles and I am the only stable man. So I think that says a lot. Tomorrow is payday. I am feeling lonely lately but I don't necessarily feel like going about with certain students. Today during my nap I awakened to find myself lost without any clue as to the time of day or my whereabouts. I was freaking out.

August 5
Nothing much*. I was feeling really terrible about my complexion but at 쉼표 Miss Yang introduced Ok-jeong to me. She seemed rad so we talked. After, we walked home and she came in and she was forward. She was hooked. I needed her for then. We will meet in the future. She had had much to drink. I will be busy. I got paid 907,500.

*Nothing much? That is certainly underselling what happened that night as well as what is here-to-follow...


kushibo said...

Rad? This really is the 1980s! :)

White Rice said...

Indeed it is. That brings the running total of "rad" to 23.