The Dick Made the Wrong One

1987 in Busan, South Korea

August 6
Class and over to Miss Yang's Aunt's house. I was tired after little sleep last night. I saw Ok-Jeong again at night but couldn't talk to her. I talked to Vince.

August 7
Class and Busan Bank (부산은행). I opened a 자유저축 (savings account). I met Ok-Jeong after class and we ate with her friend Young-Sook. She was rad too. We walked and talked. She wants to live alone and never marry. I wouldn't be afraid to be alone with her in a quiet dark private place. I would like being friends with her. Miss Yang told me she couldn't be friends with me. She blew it.

August 9
Sunday to Gwang-an. Miss Jeong is back. She gave me my tape that Carrie had. Also she bought me the new Psychedelic Furs album. Went looking for a new apartment with Mr. Shin. Nothing around so we may move to to 동일 park. We may buy it. I don't know. It is so very far from town. They say that the rich people are moving up here because the air is fresh and the subway is through.

August 11
Class and I went to NamPoDong to meet 미연 and 지연. They are twins and young. It wasn't too fun. So I went to see 지영 but she was nowhere. I am worried. Class and went to get my ring but the dick made the wrong one. I was pissed but held back.

August 12
Class and not much. I am feeling lonely again.

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